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Landscape designers and hardscape design professionals from all over the world make up the dream team we have assembled. With the help of 2D CAD drafting, 3D virtual and physical modeling, our landscape designers are able to efficiently develop outdoor property designs for our clients. Whether you are looking for a small scale fire pit design or a functional retaining wall design, our reputable team of renowned designers can easily achieve your vision.

computer aided landscape design

We provide both residential and commercial projects with professional Landscaping design services that use the latest in drafting and modeling technology. We turn ideas into physical reality with our industry leaders, who produce physical and virtual models, as well as virtual 3D tours. Being able to visualize the end result is crucial in an increasingly digital world. With South Texas Outdoor Living’s suite of design tools, your vision can come to life even before it’s built.

Bringing your Landscape Designs to Life

Have you been told that your backyard design ideas are impossible by other designers or landscaping companies? We thrive on challenges. Our goal is to make the impossible possible. We bring together our landscaping specialists and structural engineers to help your dreams come true. Whether you need an innovative retaining wall design or other companies have said it’s unattainable, we can make it happen. There is no problem our team cannot handle.

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Landscaping for curb appeal

Are you a real estate guru who sells and stages houses all the time? What about flipping houses? Trying to get some outdoor upgrades or assistance with multiple projects that are always on the go? We have outdoor experts who can help you with everything from deck builds to paving stone patios. We provide interlocking bricks, pool deck pavers, fire pit designs, and patio paver services that enhance your home’s value, curb appeal, and functionality. Landscaping and hardscape design professionals at our firm can make sure that your property is market-ready when you need it.


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