7 Benefits of Building an Outdoor Kitchen

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Healthier Meals

It’s well known that grilling food, especially lean meats, poultry, and fish are healthier than frying and other methods. When your outdoor cooking setup includes a smoker, grill, and oven like the picture above, therefore, you’ll be able to wow your family and friends with a mouthwatering showstopper of a meal that does not need lots of unnecessary oils.

Do you have the benefit of a spacious backyard and enjoy entertaining guests and eating alfresco as they do commonly in Mediterranean countries? Have you ever considered making fuller use of that space to create a more appealing and practical area? Perhaps one that could be used for breakfast in springtime sound tracked by birdsong and summertime barbecues that are a far cry from your normal setup of that one table and a few mismatched chairs from around your house?
Why not join the many thousands of other homeowners across Sonoma county who are putting the open spaces on their property to good use and taking outdoor cooking and dining to a whole new level with an outdoor kitchen setup. From expansive full kitchens to smaller yards tight on space, we do it all from BBQ islands with a convenient 32″ Lyon Grill and up.
Do you still need convincing? Check out some of the biggest benefits you could gain from having a kitchen and dining area built outside your property.

More Space to Entertain Family and Friends

Rather than spending a fortune having extensive work carried out on your home to add a new room or extend the existing space, why not create a room without the restrictive design constraints of a room? If you have space for a table and chairs and a barbecue in your yard, you have space to create a fantastic area to entertain your guests.
With a dining table set up instead of the outdoor kitchen island style stools setup above, you could benefit from the stylish slanted for when the rain starts, or you want to enjoy a bit of shade from the sun while enjoying a meal.

​Stops Cooking Smells From Lingering

Why is it that the tastiest food is also the food that creates smells that can linger around your kitchen and the rest of your house long after you’ve finished eating? When you have an outdoor kitchen grill station like the accompanying picture, there are no walls or ceilings for the smells to get trapped in. So, whether you’re grilling up a bit of fish or burgers and hot dogs with lots of onions and mushrooms, those pungent scents will dissipate into the fresh

No Need to Go Out For a Meal Ever Again

Okay, so you may still want to go to your favorite restaurant or bar on high days and holidays, but rather than spending a fortune at these establishments, why not invest in an outdoor kitchen installation. By building an outdoor kitchen, like the one in the image with a protective covering, and lots of space for informal eating, the fun, and novelty of eating at that steakhouse or diner you love will be a distant memory.


One of the clearest advantages to having an outdoor kitchen is the level of convenience it offers. It can be stressful and tiring running back and forth to prepare food inside your kitchen to accompany those finger-licking good baby back ribs and brisket. Whereas when you have a compact outdoor kitchen unit like this, everything you need is in one place. Thanks to the covering and extensive lighting fixtures, you could happily cook up a storm no matter what time of day it was and without the worry of the food getting cold in transit from the grill to the eager mouths of your family and guests. We love these outdoor kitchen ideas because washing the dishes can be taken care of while still spending time with your loved ones.

​Increases The Value of Your Property Significantly

As is the case with any type of renovation work, you’ll want to think about the impact various outdoor kitchen ideas would have on the value of your house. If you are located in an area with the kind of weather that makes outdoor dining possible, homeowners will find sophisticated installations like this outdoor kitchen island, a great asset. What’s more, if the one thing that separates your property from another in the same area and similar dimensions, is an outdoor kitchen, you’ll have a better chance of attracting buyers.


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Save on Energy Usage and Utility Bills

This really goes hand in hand with the above, because one thing many house hunters are looking for these days is energy efficiency. While it may seem like you’re increasing the energy usage of your property with an outdoor kitchen grill or smoker, you’ll be surprised how much you can save. Eco-friendly buyers will appreciate a design like this that incorporates a simple smoker and brick-built countertop.
As you’re cooking on less equipment and its equipment that is not necessarily connected to the mains gas or electricity supply, you’ll notice a difference.

As you can see from the ideas we have outlined above, there are many great benefits to building an outdoor kitchen. Even if the outdoor kitchen designs we’ve highlighted don’t appeal to you, they at least give you an idea of the potential for taking alfresco dining and entertainment to the next level.